Extra Credit


Current Event Article/Response Extra Credit


Directions: Students will be able to complete a Current Event article of their choosing for extra credit. 

Step 1: Select a current event article from the newspaper, magazine or online newspaper, magazine or website.  Be sure that your source is credible (Wiki spaces is not a credible site.) If you are unsure, please ask. Print the article.

Step 2: Read the article.

Step 3: Complete the form responding to the article.


Students may submit up to four Current Event Articles/Responses for extra credit per quarter.  Current event Extra Credit will be accepted throughout the quarter but will not be accepted after the dates below. No exceptions!


Due By:

First Quarter November 4th
Second Quaerter January 21st
Third Quarter March 30th
Fourth Quarter

May 31st


 Extra Credit Form


Click on the link above to open, print then complete the form.